Sunnyside offers dynamic worship on Sunday.  What makes our worship special? In one word, involvement. In our worship services every age group can and does lead us in worship.  We have a children's choir, youth worship team, choir, and special singers of all ages.  We have a children's sermon.  The congregation participates in singing, prayers, the Lord's Supper, and more.  In every service, the congregation can voice prayer concerns and share what is on their heart.  You do not just attend Sunnyside.  You participate in worship.  Of course, we will never call you out.  You will not be forced or singled out in any way.  We want you to participate where you feel comfortable.   We believe you have much to offer God, and your presence in our worship will touch your life and strengthen our church. 


Sunnyside offers a nursery for all services on Sunday and Wednesday. You can worship or join a Bible Study and know your child is being loved and cared for in our recently renovated nursery.  Parents or guardians fill our care cards for each child, so our preschool caregivers know of any special needs for each child. 

Sunnyside knows after a long week it is nice to drop your child off to be cared for in a nursery, so you can focus on worship or Bible Study.

Also, we know after a long week of work, you may like to keep your baby or toddler with you. That too is fine. We love babies and toddlers in the Sanctuary.  Our Nursery is not mandatory, but it is there if you want.


Sunnyside also has an active Youth Ministry lead by Chris Ivey.  They have Bible Study on Sunday.  They have Youth Fellowship and Worship on Wednesdays.  Also, on Sundays, our Youth Worship Team leads our Call to Worship in our Morning Worship Service.  We also have youth singing in the Choir and involved in other ministries throughout the church.  We believe our young people are not just the future, but also the present of the Church.


We love kids.

Sunnyside has a variety of ministry opportunities for children.  

Sundays at 10:00 am. there is a Bible Study class for each age group to teach them the Word of God.  

On Wednesdays at 6:15 pm. we have Children's Choir, and our children's choir sings each week in our morning worship.  We also have a children's sermon in morning worship.  

Also, on Wednesday's at 6:45 pm. our boys attend RA's, girls GA's, and our preschoolers Mission Kids, which teaches our children about missionaries and mission work.  They teach the kids that being a Christian is something you do as well as something you are. 

Senior Adults ​

This is one of our more active groups in the church.  They always have something special on the horizon. They of course have a Bible Study on Sundays.  They have done a variety of fellowships from Painting Classes to Spa Days to Bingo to Barbecue Lunches to much, much more.  

They are always looking for more to come and get involved in their ministry.  



Pastor: Jesse Colbert

His favorite verse is John 10:10, where Jesus promises to give life and give it to the full! He loves encouraging others to discover the abundant life Jesus has for them.

Youth Director: Chris Ivey
His favorite verse is Joshua 1:9, where God calls us to be strong and courageous because He is with us.  His passion is to lead students to be courageous in their lives and for the Lord.

Sunnyside Baptist Church: Toccoa Georgia


Sunnyside is a group of people from all walks of life looking to connect.  We want to connect to God who loves and cares for His people.  We want to connect to others so we can encourage and be encouraged.  Lastly, we seek to connect to our purpose and live a more meaningful life.  If you wanting to connect, we hope you will join us at Sunnyside.  

We have engaging worship and enlightening bible study to help you connect to God.  We have a loving church family who will accept you and care for you to help you connect with others, and we have a variety of ministries in which you can get involved to help you connect to your purpose.  We want to help you grow as an individual.  
There is a place for you at Sunnyside​!


Sunnyside draws its inspiration from Matthew 28:19-20 where Jesus calls us to "Go and make disciples" and "teaching them to observe" His teachings.  Our passion is to build new and stronger disciples.
We would love to help you and your family grow closer to God and to grow as individuals.  We desire to be a place of fresh starts, encouragement, support, and growth for you and your family.