• What is your Church like?

We are a group of imperfect people seeking to grow closer to God, grow closer to each other, and grow as individuals.  We love, encourage, and pray for one another, and we are welcoming to people who want to join our fellowship.  Our people are from all walks of life, all stages of life, and a variety of backgrounds.  There is a place for you, where you will fit with us at Sunnyside.   

  • How should I dress? 

Dress like you dress.  We do not ask you to wear anything special.  There is no dress code at Sunnyside.  We have some that wear ties to worship.  There are others who wear jeans and a tee-shirt.  We want you to be comfortable, and we want you to know, we will not judge you on your appearance. We care more about you than your attire.  

  • What do you expect of me when I come? 

We do not place an expectation on you on your first visit.  We will not single you out during worship.  We just want you and your family to be with us and allow our Worship or Bible Study to impact you.  

  • What can I expect of you? 

You can expect us to care about you.  You can expect us to be welcoming to you and your family.  You can expect us to allow you and your family to join in and be apart of us.  

  • What type of worship do you have? 

Our morning worship is a blended service with each age group leading a portion of our service.  Corey Philips plays the guitar and the Youth lead our Call to Worship each Sunday morning (11:00 am.). Then, our Children's Choir sings followed by a Children's Sermon.  Then our Adult Choir leads the remaining hymns.  Each worship service at Sunnyside has a time of prayer where the congregation (including you) can share a prayer request. There is a message from God's Word to encourage and uplift you. 

Our Evening Worship (6:30 pm. Sun.) is more traditional, and on Wednesday's at 6:15 pm., we have Prayer Meeting where we share prayer requests and have a time of Bible Study.     

  • What do you have for my kids?

We love kids. Sunnyside has a variety of ministry opportunities for children.  Sundays at 10:00 am. there is a Bible Study class for each age group to teach them the Word of God.  On Wednesdays at 6:15 pm. we have Children's Choir, and our children's choir sings each week in our morning worship.  We also have a children's sermon in morning worship.  Also, on Wednesday's at 6:45 pm. our boys attend RA's, girls GA's, and our preschoolers Mission Kids, which teaches our children about missionaries and mission work.  They teach the kids that being a Christian is something you do as well as something you are.  

​Sunnyside also has an active Youth Ministry lead by Chris Ivey.  They have Bible Study on Sunday.  They have Youth Fellowship and Worship in Wednesdays.  Also, on Sundays, our Youth Worship Team leads our Call to Worship in our Morning Worship Service.  We also have youth singing in the Choir and involved in other ministries throughout the church.  We believe our young people are not just the future, but also the present of the Church.​

Our Children's and Youth Ministry both have special events throughout the year, so check the calendar and get involved.  

  • What do you have for me?  

We have a place for fresh starts and new beginnings.  We have a place for you to find encouragement and compassion.  Because again, we are a group of imperfect people just trying to grow each day through the grace of God through Jesus Christ.  We have a variety of ministries from Worship to Bible Studies to Special Events to Prayer and so much more where you can be encouraged to grow.  Come and get as involved as you like, and we would be privileged to help you on your journey towards God and towards salvation and towards growth as a person and a disciple of Christ.   

Sunnyside Baptist Church: Toccoa Ga.

Building New and Stronger Disciples of Jesus